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Aleyda McKennon: Transform your Life
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 Welcome! so great you are here!

My life was transformed from ordinary to extraordinary because Shaklee came into my life many years ago. Yours can be transformed also, read on and please connect with me. 


Over 35 years ago, I was a systems analyst and programmer for Union Carbide one of the largest corporations in the world. I loved my job and wasn’t looking to make a change, however I was overweight, had skin problems, had lots of stress, was very tired and suffer with migraine headaches for more than 25 years.

Amazing Health Results

A friend told me about a Natural Nutrition Program that was guarantee to give results in 30 days or my money back.

I went on the Natural Nutrition program and long and behold I was feeling better before the 30 days. As the time went on my skin started to improve, I had more energy and started to lose weight and inches. After 9 months in the program my migraine headaches were not around and I realized later that they disapeared and never came back.

Co-workers started to ask me what was I doing? Many who tried the nutrition program had excelent results so I ended up with an in-home business.

Amazing Financial Results.

In the first year of my business I qualifiyed for my first brand new Shaklee Bonus car and I earned a Luxury trip to San Francisco with all expenses paid for two.

In San Francisco I discovered that many professional people were creating great incomes in addition to their jobs and that others have stayed home with their succesful Shaklee business.

Then, I created a new dream...What if I can quit my job and stay home??? My dream became a goal and 2 years later I quit my corporate job and became a stay-at-home mom. This business has been my only source of income for over 35 years!

My Shaklee business, has provided all the needs of our household including private education for my sons from kindergarten to college. It has also enabled me and my sons to enjoy over 30 trips all over the world with all expenses paid by Shaklee—including 5 times to Hawaii, New Zealand, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Spain, France, Canada, The Mayan Riviera, Scaret, Austria, Playa Del Carmen and more recently Los Cabos Mexico.

Truly a life of privilege! Freedom, flexibility and the opportunity to help others is what I love about my business. Today at age 71 I pinch myself everyday as I thank God for all His blessings of health an amazing prosperity.

Where would you be 5, 10, 20 years from now?

Everyone has dreams and some go unfulfilled for years, don't let that be you, I invite you to see what is possible for you, visit www.aleydaMckennon.com and enter my email aleyda@aleydaMckennon.com and discover how you can transform your dreams into real life experiences.

My passion is to help people create unlimited possibilities for their life, as it was done for me.

Call 203-748-0222 or 561-776-6030 or drop me a note at aleyda@aleydamckennon.com or follow me in Twiter, Facebook, LinkIn, Pinterest.

I also Speak Spanish.


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